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SEO and PPC are two important parts of online marketing methods for your business, both of them being equally crucial. So, It's important for us to know which is beneficial for our business.

Now that you have got a tremendous website which is beautifully designed and has all clear indications that it is great, comes an important task for your marketing team, which is to marketize your products(or services). The majority of traffic to any website comes through people searching on Search engines, using some essential keywords and then navigating to the most popular search result. To achieve great results, the above two acronyms SEO or PPC which stand for Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click are very crucial.

SEO is about optimizing your website such that it stands on top of the search results displayed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., while PPC is an advertising method adopted by the search giant's via Google AdWords, Yahoo marketing program which displays sponsored ads on top of search results.

For a business, it is essential to determine the amount of budget for Marketing and target of consumers to attract using this methodology. Search engine optimization of course is a must for any website in long run because essentially your business should be displayed at top of any search engine results. By using best practices of it you can definitely up rank your website on search engine results, but you have to deal with its algorithm which changes frequently. However, hiring any Optimization Expert or any consulting companies for that can loosen up the burden on your shoulders and bring desirable results. These companies provide affordable SEO services and adopt highly effective methods to substantially increase conversion rate.

PPC is one of those paid advertising services which brings growth to your business in very short time. It works on the concept of pay per click wherein, you bid for some specific keywords related to your business and the highest bidder will be allowed to have their business link displayed on top of search results as a sponsored ad. Though the ad is displayed, you will only be charged when a user clicks on them and not for views, which is a win-win situation. Recent surveys point out that 80% of the users came from it turns out to be buyers. So though it might sound costly, it is a very effective program to build your business empire.

In Pay per click, methods like Google AdWords or any such processes, the cost depends on various factors such as the popularity of a keyword, competitive Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for your keywords. As the keyword popularity increases, bidders for those keyword increases and hence the cost pertaining to that keyword increase, in such cases it becomes difficult to manage the costs when it exceeds your limit. Such situations can be well handled by SEO as it requires a lot of effort and continuous determination to bring your website on top of search engine results for which there are some brilliant SEO Companies in India, whereas PPC can be analyzed using tools like Traffic Estimator by Google AdWords.

    Coming to the question, that which is more reliable? Then few points are to be kept in mind before choosing amongst them:

  1. Marketing or advertising budget

  2. Pace at which you want to convert your consumers.

  3. Any special focus that you want to give for your business during some special offers, events or any such.

  4. Competition for keywords which you are planning to engage for.

It’s not that it should be either of these services that has to be chosen upon, SEO when combined with PPC can give best results for your business. It also lets you take pole position in a race from your competitors by taking advantage of both of the things done at right time.

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