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We have been developing custom and impactful projects for our clients for over a decade. Here are a few of our select projects.

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SSD Nodes

SSD Nodes approached us to improve the conversion rate of their existing website. They were facing challenges in adding new features to the site due to their use of WHMCS. To address their needs, we redesigned their outdated website, modernized their legacy code, and developed custom WHMCS add-ons to enhance the site's functionality.

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We helped Redsbaby, an Australian baby products company to harness the full benefits of Headless CMS by Sanity and Bigcommerce for website development. We utilized Sanity's flexible content platform to enable seamless content updates, while Bigcommerce's e-commerce capabilities to streamline transactions. By integrating a modern design, intuitive navigation, and responsive layout, the new site offered seamless browsing across devices.

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Rush Order Tees

Rush Order Tees is a custom apparel company and due to their tech-savvy ideologies, we suggested a Headless Commerce website using Prismic, Dynamo DB, and Nextjs. Prismic's headless CMS enabled effortless content management, while Jamstack's speed and security optimized user experience. The new site boasted quick load times, resulting in quick checkout flow which resulted in a boost in conversions within a few months.

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In our project with Hohme, we tackled their need for a smarter, more intuitive web application to manage smart homes. By developing a sleek dashboard, integrating Strapi CMS with GraphQL, and enhancing user interaction with Next.js, we empowered homeowners to effortlessly control their smart appliances. Our solution streamlined operations, setting Hohme apart in the smart home industry.

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Tilyo approached us to enhance their website built on Prismic and Next.js, seeking improvements and expansions for their existing platform. Faced with challenges in scaling their website, we collaborated on developing multiple new components and pages to address their specific needs. Our efforts were directed towards refining the user experience and optimizing the overall functionality of the website. By leveraging our expertise in Prismic and Next.js, we successfully implemented solutions that not only addressed the existing issues but also contributed to the seamless growth and evolution of Tilyo's online presence.

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