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Tilyo takes pride in being the pioneer in cultivating organic CBD in France, adhering to a conscientious and ethical approach. Opting for Tilyo translates to endorsing 100% French and local production, ensuring the preservation of distinctive expertise.

Organic CBD Products

Project Overview

Tilyo approached us to enhance their website built on Prismic and Next.js, seeking improvements and expansions for their existing platform. Faced with challenges in scaling their website, we collaborated on developing multiple new components and pages to address their specific needs. Our efforts were directed towards refining the user experience and optimizing the overall functionality of the website. By leveraging our expertise in Prismic and Next.js, we successfully implemented solutions that not only addressed the existing issues but also contributed to the seamless growth and evolution of Tilyo's online presence.





Organic CBD Products


System Architect




Tilyo approached us with a challenge in their website development, seeking improvements and expansions for their existing Prismic and Next.js-based platform. The primary issue revolved around difficulties in scaling the website effectively to accommodate their growing needs. The existing site structure posed limitations in expansion, hindering Tilyo's ability to incorporate new components and pages seamlessly. Our task was to address these constraints and enhance the overall website functionality. We were tasked with overcoming obstacles related to the website's design and interactivity, aiming to refine the user experience and optimize performance. The problem statement focused on the need for a comprehensive solution that not only resolved current issues but also allowed for the future growth and evolution of Tilyo's online presence. Our goal was to deliver a website that aligned with Tilyo's objectives and provided a resilient foundation for ongoing development and enhancement.


To address Tilyo's website development challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution aimed at overcoming scalability limitations and enhancing overall functionality. Our approach involved a strategic redesign of the website architecture, leveraging our expertise in Prismic and Next.js.

Firstly, we conducted a thorough analysis of the existing site structure, identifying bottlenecks that hindered seamless expansion. Subsequently, we introduced scalable components and optimized page templates to accommodate Tilyo's growing needs. This involved the development of a modular system that allowed for easy integration of new features and content.

In addition, we implemented performance optimization techniques, ensuring swift loading times and improved responsiveness. This involved streamlining code, optimizing images, and employing caching mechanisms to enhance the overall user experience.

To address design and interactivity challenges, we introduced visually appealing yet functional elements, enhancing the website's aesthetics without compromising on performance. Interactive features were carefully integrated to engage users effectively.

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Daniel Hartzheim

Director of Marketing

Fantastic Team. Very knowledgeable and goes the extra distance to solve problems. In addition, their seamless communication made the process very smooth. Thank you, RW Infotech. We'll continue working together.

Jardar Pedersen

Jardar Føreland Pedersen


Over the past decade, I’ve been a customer of RWIT on multiple projects, in companies ranging from 20 to 200 employees. RW Infotech always delivers on time, with high precision and the service and communication are impeccable. I would highly recommend them for any project.

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Anton  Tokovyi

Chief Technology Officer

Choosing RW Infotech for migrating our static site to Prismic Headless CMS was an excellent decision. Their expertise and seamless communication made the process smooth and efficient. We're thrilled with the results and highly recommend their services for anyone looking to enhance their digital presence.

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