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The search engine is a software that search documents for definite keywords and proceeds a list of the documents where the keywords were found. A search engine is actually a universal package, however, the word is habitually used to define organisms like Google, Yahoo & bing. In simple words, we can say that Search that allow users to search for documents through the internet.

In another way we can call search engine as an indexer, that reads these documents and generates an index based list on the words enclosed in every document.

A web search engine is a program that is intended to search for statistics on the World Wide Web. The search results are usually show in a line of results often denoted to as search engine results pages. The information may be a dedicated in web pages, images, info and other sorts of records.

A search engine is an information recovery program intended to support to find data kept on a web files. Search engines support to reduce the time essential to discover information and the volume of information which must be accessed.

Search engine deliver an interface to a collection of items that permits users to specify standards about an element of interest and have the engine catch the identical things. The standards are denoted to as a search query. In the case of script search engines, the search request is normally stated as a set of words that recognize the preferred theme. Where as some script search engines need users to enter three or more words, search engine enables users to specify complete papers, images & jingles.

There are some popular web search engine details which are as follows.

Google - The world`s most popular search engine.

Bing - Microsoft's entry into the growing search engine market.

Yahoo search - The 2nd largest search engine on the web.

AltaVista - Launched in 1995, built by scholars in digital equipment corporation's western research laboratory.

Ask - The popular search engine initiated in 1996.

If any site comes on the top of the list of the search engine then we have to understand it that site if following the standard rules or guidelines of the search engines, if you wants that your business site should be in the top position of in the top ranking then you should have to follow the guidelines of the search engines & to attain the status of good site you have to avail the services of the SEO, who will provide you the desired results by endorsing your company with latest networking & other prevailing practices. Search engine optimization is the approach by which you can make your brand imagine & appeal more public to buy your products.