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Info-graphic is a clever way of depicting information in a much more interesting and attention-seeking way. It takes the advantage of the fact that our brain pays much more attention to the visual data and henceforth triggers the visual part of our brain.

According to Wikipedia, SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results”. In other words, Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the vital modes of online business development which deals with optimizing online content, so a search engine prefers to pop it as a top result for searches on certain keywords. SEO is an affordable way to get your business in the maximum number of eyes.

There are various methodologies that are being used and incorporated to seek people's attention towards one's website and to endorse it in the right way and there are various legitimate paths pursued by top-notch companies, one of the vital ways includes having good infographics content on your website.

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So, What is Infographic?

An infographic i.e. information graphic is the depiction of information in a graphical format designed to make the data easily understandable. People use info-graphics to easily convey messages and to make even a huge amounts of data simpler.

Facts justifying that why Info-graphics are so effective?

  1. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visuals.

  2. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

  3. 40% of people will respond better visual information than the plain text.

  4. An infographic is likely to be read and attract attention 30 times more than text.

  5. People remember 80% things they see, 20% things that they read and only 10% things that they read.

There are several facts and experiments that are done to prove the competency of visual data and can increase the above list to an unknown length but we ourselves come across visual data every day and have experienced their impact on our brains.

How to create such info-graphics that can in course boost SEO of your website?

Creating a powerful SEO info-graphic requires the intersection of data and design. Below are the few steps that can be followed:

  1. Make a meaningful layout: Don't just scatter information that you want to convey all over the pictorial post. Try to portray information in a meaningful and organised way. Construct a relevant layout and place the information such that it's easy to understand and moreover tells a story. So that the reader won't get bored and would drift easily to your website.

  2. Design: Try to make such design for the post that even a person who skims through it, can easily tell what's the post is about. Design should go in hands with the content. The theme or design should be such that it can help the data flow and easily bring the viewer to guide from the beginning to the end of the post. Design should be attractive so that people would want to share it on social media platforms which in course helps your website to seek much thicker traffic.

  3. Make the infographic social media friendly: Social media is one of the most vital platforms for endorsement. So to divert much more traffic, your posts should be social media friendly and could easily be shared. Add backlinks to your website and links concerning previous articles to engage users.

  4. Create a crisp topic name: As the topic of the blog is really important to attract users, so is the headline of the infographic. The infographic won’t get any attention if it doesn’t have a great headline.

Infographic isn't just a  fancy way to depict information. Instead, its goal is to help the brain process the information more quickly. SEO info-graphics provide you with an amazing platform to endorse your website as it triggers visual part of the brain. So, you should know how to merge text with great design to attract a bigger crowd towards your website that can turn into a vital long term business relationship.

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