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Better SEO work delegation and an optimized operational management process ensure that you deliver high-quality outcomes, before the deadline.

While it is essential that you possess and use the best and latest of SEO tools, delegation effectively takes the burden off you and helps you see that larger picture and reach to that extra mile, as a project manager. Trello, Google Drive, Google Inbox, Asana…! There is no dearth of state-of-the-art communication tools when you are looking to have a smooth and optimized workflow and check-ins. While delegating the SEO tasks, try to acknowledge and peek into the following aspects, exploit them fully.

Sound Briefing

Delegation starts with a brief and conversation. You tell your colleague what needs to be done and the conversation also provides you an idea of how effective and successful the person will be in accomplishing the job. The brief format that your device may consist of:● Content● Backlink and backlink audits● Technical background and audits● Page speed

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Remember that the deadline should provide you with ample of time to review the submissions. Some tasks, including the page speed improvements and audit, may take quite a lot of time (5 to 7 days)! The more familiar and experienced the delegate is with your working style and similar projects, the lesser review time period you would need. If the client is a repeat one, you may know in advance about how adamant he or she is about the on-time submissions. Keep some spare time for eventualities as well.


It is even better for the project manager of an SEO company in India that he or she gets the work submissions, outputs and deliverables in exactly the same format in which he or she are going to submit them. For instance, you might require a video in mp4 or .mov format, and an image in IDD or JPG format only. Use of Google sheets, Drive, Doc, Excel Spreadsheet and other software is quite common. See it to that the delegate has the desired familiarity with these professional tools.

Relevant and trend-depicting materials

Provide the delegate with the best and most relevant of tools, content, videos and other stuff, so that he or she can follow your guidelines easily and successfully. There are a number of keyword planner websites and software tools (including the Google keyword planner and keyword among others), blogs (including the Moz Blog) and others that deliver just the kind of information that a number of projects need.


Delegation does not conclude the job. In order to get the best out of your delegate, keep monitoring the tasks and developments. Call, web and video chats, video conferring and other messaging and conversation methods help you to know more about a concluding chapter before the next one begins. Monitoring helps the corrections of mistakes in almost real time, and also provides for imbibing of desired ideas and updates. Monitoring can be carried out at the following stages of the project:

● The initial conversation: requires least of check-ins● Process validation:5 to 8 % of efforts● Track check: 30% to 35 % of efforts● Editing and proofreading at the end of task: 60% to 65% or even more if efforts

Staging the whole operation delivers the best results, as you are aware of the outcomes at the different points of time/project stages. Prompt coordination ensures smooth sailing for all. Apart from the short-term SEO techniques, you can also use the latest SEO techniques (including the responsiveness codes, voice searches, mobile and Google friendliness, social media and others) at the right and just points.

While innovators are prized for their outcomes, it is the managers and their team who actually optimize the project and keep the ball rolling. Their support is crucial to meet the SEO trends in 2017 and beyond. The supportive, well-educated and experienced team is not only productive but is also a source of ideas and inspirations. Do not underestimate the importance of project management. It helps you have greater revenues, multiple clients (at the same time), and a reputation of having the requisite expertise and capacity.

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