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We can’t deny the fact that video marketing is an important online marketing tool. To take advantage of this technology, below are some tips that can benefit your business.

Video marketing is another vital online marketing tool for any business. Marketers have predicted that by end of the year 2017, video marketing will account for 69% of the total consumer traffic, and mobile ads will grow 5 times more than the desktop and landing pages leading to an 800% rise in consumer conversion.

People like to watch videos of all kinds whether they are lengthy or short, except that they aren’t boring.

Perhaps it is very important that any business should marketize its crispy content by making meaningful videos and publishing them on all social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is no restriction on how the video should look to make these videos live on social platforms, however by keeping in mind the points below you and your business can hold an advantage.

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  1. Size Matters: When users visit any website, the foremost thing they do is scroll down to their content and look out for any video if available. In such cases, it is essential that the size of your video player is optimal. The minimal size requirement by a search engine is 300 X 250. However, the larger size of players can increase consumer engagement, allow you to utilize more of its capabilities, double or triple your CPM, attract rich media brands and ad publishers.

  2. Rich Media, Rich Publishers: Generation of placing ads at static locations has passed by, nowadays all online marketers are utilizing full space of their website to induce ads. When your website has potential to display rich content, rich publishers will definitely make way to you. Utilizing rich media solutions such as sliding banners, out stream video ads that open up while scrolling the page can benefit your business a ton as they not only look simple but also increase your CPM.

  3. Audibility: Whether it is an info-graphic video or explanatory video or a rich business advertisement of your product (or service) it is crucial to have an audio or music added to it. A marketing survey tells us that, users are more interested in a video which is audible rather than a video which displays its content on mute.

  4. Engaging content: Content marketing via videos can play a major part in a highly volatile market of online business. When you place a video on your website or other platforms, it is important to engage your consumers via some content which could be like playing another related video or taking their feedback or some action buttons to purchase. This not only improves consumer experience but also bring value to your business.

  5. All devices: As we have said in most of our blogs, mobile is the future and any business ought not to ignore mobile consumers. The mobile users are growing exponentially and there is a good opportunity for your business to grab them. Whatever content you prepare, it is significant that it is compatible with all kind of devices.

  6. Be seen: Videos placed before the fold of any page, are believed to be played more often than the videos which are placed after that. YouTube survey tells us that videos played before fold has more chances of conversion than videos played in the background since they only increase your views but can’t benefit your business

  7. Be Light: In a run to publish rich content, businesses often forget to adapt the scripts or video players which have simple scripts to run. There are a wide variety of plugins available that can be used to add a video player to your website, however, it’s in your hands to choose the lightest player and concentrate on content being run using them.

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