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E-commerce websites have become a huge component of world wide web. Through these competent online stores, we can make our products reach to any country offshore and can easily drive a much wider crowd. When we talk of having an eCommerce platform, there is a huge question that comes in the way is to have the online store to be built on which platform. And the clash is usually in between Shopify and Woocommerce, both are popular eCommerce platforms. The most important question arises here is that why significant breands prefer woocommerce over shopify. We can't say that either of the platforms has upper hand, both the eCommerce have a faithful and loyal set of audience who often get in conflict saying which one is better.

Shopify is price-efficient, easy to use, and saves time. It takes a lot of the conventional hassles out of building an online store so you can go from nothing to something and can make your store's presence online overnight.

What we’re saying is that WooCommerce is better suited for bigger and more ambitious eCommerce brands where businessmen intend to take their product to a different height. Shopify can make an online store's presence significant of the internet, but WooCommerce is a platform that you can ride all the way to the top. Shopify is great if you want to operate an online store in your spare time, but if you have big dreams in eCommerce, WooCommerce is the way to go.


So what are the qualities and services that are provided by WooCommerce that made it lead the race and have helped it to acquire an empire having such significant users like Times, PlayStation, TechCrunch, The New Yorker and many other to use it?

Below are a few reasons that make WooCommerce lead the herd of eCommerce platforms and make Shopify rank below in the stats:1. Supreme Control: With Shopify, you can't have the complete ownership of your own website. Shopify does provide a URL and a hosting service but that's all. You can't customize your website the way you want to in Shopify. If you are planning to have a website that doesn't play that huge role in the success of your business then you can go for Shopify as it doesn't have that hassle of customization   For the businessmen who want complete ownership of their websites and want to acquire huge market using the world wide web, they should opt for the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress as it offers a lot more options to customize and build your website exactly the way you want to, and since it’s a plugin, you can integrate it in any WordPress site without the interference of third-party platforms like Shopify.2. Numerous design options: There are several amazing themes available in Shopify but WooCommerce plugin with its own library can be integrated easily in any WordPress theme.This means that you have endless possibilities of design and customization options, both for template design and site features.Shopify, for example, only offers a limited selection range of product variations such as color, material and size. WooCommerce, on the other hand, can allow you to select almost any product attribute, which gives it a huge advantage over Shopify for big, serious, extremely customized eCommerce brands.Great things take time. Even though WooCommerce is highly customizable and offers more control, it takes a lot of work, time, and sometimes even money for having paid plugins in the later phase of your business, to design your site. That’s why it is a much better choice for serious and big eCommerce brands.3. Strong SEO: In WooCommerce there are several options to boost SEO of websites and to get much better ROI for any business that's the sole reason due to which some Shopify online store outsource their blog using WordPress. The one of the most incredible thing about WordPress is that it offers a complete content management system( CMS), along with intricate SEO options, like meta tags. This means that if you’re willing to put in the effort, WordPress can do wonders for your SEO.Additionally, WordPress also offers this awesome plugin called Yoast, whose sole agenda is to increase enhance SEO of your website and is incredibly popular because of its simple, real-time SEO instructions.4. Pocket-Friendly: We can't spare a second thought saying that, WooCommerce is a money-saving alternative. Companies with shorthand in cash can afford more personalized services and outsource their site design to high-end professionals. WooCommerce is a DIY solution for small and mid-sized companies and startups. Since WooCommerce is a free plugin and there are many themes on WordPress that it can be integrated with without sparing a penny, Initially, there are the hosting and domain name fees.Though in future you can spend as much as you want to as your business grows. As It was stated in the starting of the article that both Shopify and WooCommerce have their loyal followers and neither of them has upper hand when it comes to making your business's presence on the internet but there are various fortes where WooCommerce leads the herd. Shopify’s great. It really is. It’s an amazing eCommerce platform, well-thought-out, and extremely helpful under the right circumstances. But it is limited. It’s best to think about it as an eCommerce platform to just make your business presence on the internet. You can start a small online boutique using Shopify but you can't help you in starting an international fashion brand.WooCommerce is better for serious eCommerce brands because it takes into account more of the considerations that bigger businesses face. Yes, it does require more effort and elbow grease, but that’s not a bad thing. You put more work into it because you get more out of it.Redefine Webs is a little firm employing tech enthusiasts, we have successfully made many eCommerce websites using various platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and many others. We also have experienced and many knowledgeable Web designers/developers, UI/UX experts, SEO experts and digital marketers to serve our clients better.