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As you think of someone special in your life so is your valued customer to your business. Your site should be simple and easy to understand. Only then will they be attracted to your site and business.

Customer these days is flooded with a plethora of information. It is the onus of the designing team to develop a site in such a way that customer who casually surfs - on, should feel searching more and more about the Organization. As the client surfs through the screen words and images should be capable of instilling confidence in the mind of the Prospective client. May not be all footfalls, but most who scroll your site should be able to get a vibe that this is the platform that can help me in getting the desirable solution to my needs.

In order to instill confidence, the site should appear professional. The contents should be crisp and specific. time to read The customer does not have long and comprehend the jargon used. Yet the wording should be able to throw up a pen picture of your setup. May not be absolutely perfect, but interest is enhanced only when a client feels the match. This takes him to next level of confidence.

The layout of the site should be friendly to navigate for a client. A customer will get upset if navigation and getting links is tedious. Put yourself in his shoes and see your own site from his perspective. They should feel comfortable surfing and enjoy the time spent. This helps them to grasp the contents. Well-grasped contents go longer recall span. The client will thus feel like revisit or recommending.

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The upload time of site is inseparable. If a site takes a long time to load, chances of retaining interest get less. Longer the customer stays on site, greater are chances of his conversion to prospect and finally to the customer.

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The CRO (customer conversion ratio) from the first visit to the final ticket is series of minuscule operations that need efficiency. At every level, the customer needs to be guided in right direction. A mere visit to the site is futile if a customer finds left unattended. Incorporate channels for them to revert back to you, which is primarily their way of expression of beginning falling in love with you. This is the road towards building the strong fruitful relationship in future. The communication channels can be:

  • Order Now

  • Join our mailing list

  • Follow us on Twitter/Facebook or other social media

  • Sign Up Now

  • Contact Us

The receipting channels mentioned above should always be up to date.

Being Proactive will enable you to comprehend queries that may be common to most customers.  People who visit your site have one goal i.e. satisfaction of their need. If your site instantly matches their image they would order you immediately. However most of the time there will be some deviation or mismatch between two sides. These differentials are queries. Address their queries and create awareness about your product and service. This can be done by incorporating FAQ page.

Some aspect may be left uncovered by FAQ page which might be an intriguing customer. The customer will feel valued and attended if the facility for Live chat is incorporated. Such live interaction in virtual customer services will certainly make him fall in love with your site.

The spark ignited between your company and customer can be kept alive by adding some unique features. Adding of fun element increase chance of customer staying attracted towards you. A good example is Face Book’s Birthday cake. The multi-layered cake pops up after your special date. The windows in cake open up with names and messages of your friends.

Most importantly, remember information on a site is updated regularly.

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