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Online shopping has become a vital part of our daily life, but we are still concerned that our credit card particulars can be misused.

Just follow these guidelines to get a safe & secure online shopping experience

1. Before going to the online shopping process you should have to ensure that you know the identity, & contact particulars of the online seller.

2. There are many online companies whose brand name are familiar, such as After considering the remarks of identification, you can consider the site for online purchasing.

3. You can call or e-mail a company if you are buying first time and ask questions. Find out about billing, guarantees and delivery before you buy.

4. Always look for the extra costs and payment facts before referring credit card details.

5. Always check the packaging costs if you are buying online.

6. Always check Whether the product comes with a guarantee or warranty for defects etc.

7. Read the site's privacy policy. Trustworthy companies are very clear about how they collect data from you & how to use it.

8. Only practice secure websites if you are transferring money online. Once you're glad with the company you are buying from, ensure that your credit card particulars are going to be handled by a secure connection.

9. The most shared practice of safe encryption is recognized as secure sockets layer. SSL encodes data and breaks it into minor parts so that the info cannot be utilized by anyone .

To check that your place of buying is via SSL or safe expertise there are a few points to look out for in your internet browser.

  • You may get a note affirming that you are entering a secure area. The secure area usually begins on the leading page where you enter private facts.

  • Normally the address bar in your browser will change from initial with http to https. The "s" specifies the site is safe.

10. Be sure to enter the accurate facts when entering in your order. An improper address, quantity of things or incorrect article code can origin many complications. Always recheck the info before sending it.

11. Use a credit card with online fraud shield. Many credit card companies deal security against procurements made without your approval.

12. There are various suspicious sites, always try to use smart screen software, which will defend you from phishing sites by cautioning you when it senses a doubtful site.

13. Always record purchase details whenever you are buying anything online. After buying your item, always record the facts of the time, date, receipt number, and order confirmation. Take a screenshot as a practice of evidence of purchase.

14. Be alert of email scams intended to share your credit card info.The genuine companies, containing all banks, will never send you an email with a link demanding your login, password, or credit card particulars. Never share your credit card detail with anyone through the net.

In this way you can get a safe & secure experience while performing the process of online buying.