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Open source means a plug-in in which the source code is accessible to the overall public to use its original design free of charge. Open source code is classically formed as a collective exertion in which the computer operator expands upon the code and shares the changes within the community. Open source development in the technical public as a response to proprietary software owned by organizations.

A documentation standard issued by the open source initiative specifies that the source code of a computer database is made accessible to all free of cost. There are many open sources, available that are more prevalent in the market.

Some examples are PHP, MySQL, WordPress Python, & Apache  JQuery, Javascript, etc. PHP is a scripting language intended for web development but is also used as a  programming language. PHP is an open-source language, it’s entirely free of cost. Anyone can take PHP from the Internet effortlessly. In fact, PHP is recognized as easy and handy and is very reliable when you want to oblige several web pages.

WordPress is also an open-source tool & a content management system that can be accessed easily by anyone through the internet. WordPress is the most prevalent organism used for blogging for different websites. MySQL is a structured query language & open-source development. The MySQL development has completed its source code accessible under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

A public worry for users who wish to custom open source software is the absence of a guarantee and mechanical care. Because the software’s license inspires reform and customization, it is impossible to support. Besides, Mozilla (Netscape browser core), Linux, PERL (web scripting language) Apache (The web server) & PNG (graphics file format) are all specimens of very prevalent software that is built on open source.

In the year 1991, Linus Torvalds, a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland, developed a new operating system based on Minix, a copy of Unix, which he labeled Linux. Torvalds released version 0.02 of Linux under the GNU General Public License which offers a decent legal explanation of open-source software.

The source code is a sequence of instructions, procedures & interfaces that tell the computer program how to perform. A computer cannot look at the source code and know how to run the program. The source code needs to be decoded from the developer’s software design language to a machine binary language (0s and 1s) that the processor can read.

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