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Learning about technologies wouldn’t be your business, however, knowing about them carry importance for it. Which stack of technologies are companies built on? Find out below.

Generally, for any online business, the functioning of the website or web application is crucial for the business to grow. If you are from a non-technical background, then choosing the technologies required for your dream software product might be difficult. Once the technologies are chosen and you or your developers start building an application, it will be difficult and non-cost-effective for changing direction from there.

To avoid hesitation while choosing the technologies and just not agreeing with the developer on whatever they recommend, below are a few things that you and your business should consider.

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“Technology stack” is the term that is often used around the IT or start-up industry which defines the various software technologies, and tools that are used in Web Development and deployment of various sites, apps, and other digital products.

Based on your business need, this technology or Web Development stacks can be divided into three stacks which is what it is known famously for. Below are details about those stacks and some best technologies related to them.

  • Front End Development

  • Back End Development

  • Full Stack Development

Front-End Development:

    Front End Development is the user interface that any user can see and interact with. If your business doesn’t deal with user data and just rely upon giving solution and displaying content, then front-end development is what your business will require. For example, a simple calculator application or a professional website.

Popular Technologies include HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.

Back End Development:

    Back End Development is the one where the background work on an website is done. It requires focusing on servers, applications, and databases. For example, when you do an online transaction, the digital money has to be reduced from your account and should be delivered to the seller account. This also requires details along with receipt generation of the successful transaction to both the seller and buyer. This all happens in background wherein user will just receive a message of a successful transaction.

Popular Technologies include MySQL, JAVA/PHP, .NET.

Full Stack Development:

    This term simply is the combination of above two. (Front End + Back End Development = Full Stack Development). If a developer says that he/she is a Full Stack Developer, then that means they are capable of developing both Front End and Back End for your web application.

Popular technologies list will go on like JAVA, PHP, Linux, C#, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services etc.,

There are a certain set of technology stacks which are most commonly used in this industry and called by their acronyms which might ease your selection. They are the combination of an OS, Server side language, Database language and programming language. These jargons might sound like tongue-twisters but knowing the names of these may sound you knowledgeable in front of any developer.

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

  • WINS (Windows Server, Internet Information Services, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server)

  • MEAN (Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node.JS)

  • XAMPP (X, Apache, MySQL DB or Maria DB, PHP, Perl)

Before choosing any of the above technology stacks, you should ask yourself the below questions:

  1. What consumer base your business is targeting for? Desktop or Mobile or Both.

  2. What technologies are other competitors or similar industries using in their development? These may ease out on narrowing the options.

  3. What are the benefits of choosing one technology over another? Ask this question to your developer.

  4. Who is going to build this? Finding resourceful talent is a difficult job nowadays, perhaps you can rely on some trustworthy outsourcing companies.

Asking these questions would help you sort out on what technology to choose.

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