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Since the whole world is finding its way to our smartphones. So, Google is trying to make phones more user-friendly, by introducing its new Mobile-First Indexing.

The global brand “Google” has been working tirelessly to update the search engine to meet the needs of the users. In the present world, thousands of users depend on their smartphones for accessing the internet and other online activities. So, it’s natural on the part of Google to spend more effort in optimizing to meet the needs of smartphone users.

Google has released many updates that are designed to make the internet much friendlier for all smartphone users. It is now offering a “mobile-first” version of the index, which will transform the game completely for search engine analysts and efficient webmasters.

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What is mobile-first indexing?

Google collects researched information on each web page in an enormous catalog which is called the index, which is used to formulate and highlight the search results for different queries. Till recent days, Google always viewed web pages from the viewpoint of the desktop user, treating mobile devices as secondary device pages but now Google is slowly treating mobile page versions as the priority to index first. The mobile-first index has been delivered to a few users. But like other updates, it is done slowly and steadily. The experts in the business predict the entire rollout to happen in the coming months.

This hasn’t been the first time that Google has issued an update that aims at addressing the requirements of mobile users. The Mobile geddon update and its follow-up were earlier released in the year 2015 and 2016 respectively. This was done to encourage the internet web to be transformed into a more “mobile friendly” space. Even before that, Google earlier has worked hard to give laurels to sites that offered good mobile compatibility facilities.

What is mobile-friendly for Google?

The simple point would be that any web page which can be viewed “correctly” on a mobile phone.Google mostly cares about the fact that people would be able to load all content of a page and read it without having to continuously zoom or scroll, and also interact with the buttons present easily.

If a business is highly concerned about their website being mobile friendly, then it should use the mobile friendly performance test of Google to determine the functioning of the pages of the website.Although the search engine Google is highly concerned with the websites sticking to the “bare minimum” requirements of mobile friendliness, it is a good extra effort taken to transform a website appealing and highly targeted toward the mobile users.

The Impact of Mobile-First

A business should take note that the mobile-first index won’t affect what Google terms as “ mobile friendly”and the website would never be either rewarded or penalized in the page rankings based on the quality of mobile friendliness. In fact, search engine Google has specifically stated that the change won’t affect any search engine rankings.Instead, the impact would be highlighted if the mobile and desktop websites of a particular business differ greatly. For example, if a website’s mobile page version has much less content in comparison to the desktop version, the mobile version then would become the primary version and could imply a significant bearing on the feedback and views of the customer on the website. The Mobile-first index is important as it holds up the commitment of larger than life brand Google to its mobile users.

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