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Over the past years, negative SEO has become a real threat for websites. It may be a side effect of Google’s strict policies but it seriously damages your website's ranking.

Negative SEO occurs when someone attempts to lower a site's rankings in the search engines in multiple ways. The most common type of negative SEO is based on many other techniques that unscrupulous people use to reduce your rankings on Google search engine. Negative SEO is all about sabotage; it uses techniques that were once used to push websites up the rankings but are now known to be punished by Google and it throws in a few other undesirables just for good measure. The truth is good SEO and the elements it incorporates takes time and money. With this in mind, site owners might feel the pressure to explore other, less ethical avenues.

Today with the advent of technology it has become very important to be aware of the techniques that have the potential to be used to impact your search performance. These tactics focus around triggering punishment from Google for offenses that are known to penalize. Methods may also dip into the seriously underhand with competitors impersonating someone from your site in order to sabotage positive links. Some of the tactics used in negative SEO campaign are:-

  • Building bad links to your site – either thousands of spammy links,  links centered around negative keywords such as porn or from ‘bad’

  • Creating duplicate content which involves copying your content so that Google can’t assign relevancy or punishes you for duplication.

  • Reputation damage could be done by setting up fake social profiles in your brand name to damage your online profile.

  • Link removal is a realistic threat if your rivals are very determined to impact your profile. By pretending to work on your behalf they may instigate the removal of links that are benefitting your site.

To stop negative SEO and its impact one should carefully monitor all incoming links and mentions, as well as review existing links to ensure they are not being removed. Some other ways to make your website free and safe from negative SEO is by:

Setting up Google Webmaster Tools Email Alerts: This will help google to send you email alerts when:

  1. Your website is being attacked by malware.

  2. Your pages are not indexed.

  3. You have server connectivity problems.

  4. You get a manual penalty from Google.

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Keeping track of your backlinks profile: This can be done by using tools like Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer,, from time to time, to manually check if someone is building links to your website.

Protecting your best backlinks: Very often it is seen that spammers try to remove the best backlinks of your website by using your name. To prevent that from happening:

  1. You can communicate with webmasters

  2. Keep a track of your best backlinks

Security: Protect your website from malware by creating a strong password and creating a backup of your files.

Mentions on social media: The last and foremost way is to monitor social media mention for your website.

Website security and search engine impressions are extremely important for any website that wants to succeed and by practicing the above-mentioned strategies one can not only secure their website but also prevent huge losses from the impact of negative SEO.

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