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A negative rating and reviews by customers are upsetting with a multiplier effect on an enterprise. There are ways to combat negative views. It helps understand customer needs in a better way so as to harness organizations' resources more efficiently.

Enterprise strives to satisfy customers to the best of their capacities. However, when a customer opens his disapproval on Twitter, Facebook, etc. about any product or service it hurts the organization. One negative review can also spark multiple negations resulting from underlying unexpressed displeasure. Snapchat snub is the latest incident in the series which brought down the company’s rating.

In the process, it also damaged the image of another company irrespective of logic and realities.

Normally a negative review pops up when the client does not feel he has got fair consideration. This can be due to

  1. Customer’s need being different from delivered commodity.

  2. Misinterpretation about the product by Customer.

  3. Misrepresentation about product

  4. Preconceived notions of customer

  5. Bias of customer

To deal with negative ratings and reviews bear Business entity concept in mind. A business is different from a businessman. Thus never take criticism personally. The ire is what client has received for his money.

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Often just as negative views and ratings are results of knee jerk reaction or top of mind, removing them instantly is equally fatal. Sit back and rewind. The negative words are not a problem but because there is some problem negativity may have crept in. Whether expressed or silent customer, treat them with the same compassion, empathize and have genuine commitment to set things right.

For this first of all read clients posting with calmness. Visualize the process that may have undertaken.  Genuinely convey you appreciate his gesture of conveying you the matter. Visualizing problems can help you understand where the lapse may have occurred. It could be single laps or one setting off series of lapses. Identify the critical points in the process and rectify or empower your employees to do take rectification measures.

There was an e -based regional snacks specialty set up, offering “at your doorstep “service. This set up introduced a highly acclaimed delicacy of the region on its fare. The set up had in place its own mechanism to track its customer’s satisfaction. The newly added delicacy popped up highly diversified reviews and ratings. They ranged from, “when can we have this delicacy again” to “why are you making it, when you don’t even know how to make this delicacy “. Everybody was faux at the result with a question mark on a continuation of delicacy.

Apologizing to offended customers, the enterprise decided to go in for further probe. This probe revealed highly startling facts. This delicacy had no standard defined recipe. It varied from districts to districts in the region with no commonality except for the Name it had. Everybody considered their recipe to be authentic. The place where said enterprise was set up had people from different districts. The mismatch was thus crystal clear. Thereafter the enterprise carried out modifications in its services and regained the confidence of its valued clientele.

Even if e-communication, a conversation like in above case is the crux in dealing with negative reviews and rating.  Conversation in best available form is it e-mail, SMS, twitter, facebook etc. creates confidence. Acknowledging response openly may even help in the transformation of thinking and creating awareness.

Thus handling of negative reviews and ratings can also catapult you to pioneering level.

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