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In the rush of chasing the mass of audience, we somehow divert from our legitimate course. Companies follow many malpractices like Black Hat SEO that in return affects business drastically. The blog below is dedicated to such Black Hat SEO to such approaches that a should never be followed.

Black Hat SEO is a term used to define the malpractices that are used by various organizations and even Top SEO companies in order to boost their SEO rankings. Practicing these leads the search engines like Google to eventually rank down one’s website in their indices which in return hurt their business badly. So what actually are these black hat practices? How can someone make sure that their website doesn’t pursue such approaches?

Below are such SEO malpractices that every websites must avoid .

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Cloak means covering up or hiding. Similarly, Cloaking is the technique in which the user is shown something when they search on Search Engine whereas when they click on that link, they are navigated to something else completely irrelevant.

Keyword Stuffing

Yes, keywords are really important for websites to attain good ranking, but that doesn’t mean that you can overburden the content with keywords. For example, we all  have been to websites that displays a list of words or phrases that have little or absolutely no relevance to the content on the website, then it is likely that website is keyword stuffing.

Hidden Texts

Search engines have spiders which crawl upon every web page and then rank them based on the content and other factors. Some developers try to trick these spiders by stuffing the keywords as hidden texts so as to improve the keyword count. It is like putting up white text on white background which is again a bad practice.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are like linked pages or bridge pages, where in user clicks on a certain link and then the website navigates them forcibly to another page which is stuffed with keywords again to gain control of the spider crawling and to improve SEO ranking.

Paid Links

It’s not a good idea to outsource a company or website that list your website on many other websites and get paid when a user clicks on them. According to Google, this is also a black hat technique and with its latest Penguin update, it penalizes both the link seller and link buyers by degrading their ranking.

Duplicating Content

Content duplication or plagiarism of content is one of the worst approaches . Copying content from one website and pasting that exactly on your website, lets the updated Search engine algorithms to re-index the same content again which wastes all your efforts.

Paid Reviews

Just because you are not getting good reviews for your twords stuffed in them. These lead search engines to ranking your website down.

Link Farms

There exist a group of sites present whose sole purpose is to increase the site ranking by link exchanges. They are called link farms which have hyperlinks placed and are mostly irrelevant to the content and navigates to something else when clicked. Google doesn’t back such practices.

Spam Blogs and Comments

Using softwares to trick the users by putting up confused text with keywords on the web page might get you some inbound clicks, however, this will affect reversely on your SEO ranking. The same follows for putting up spam comments that don’t add up value to the website.

Social Network Spamming

Some SEO service providers to bring in higher SEO ranking, try to be creative and put fake things which doesn’t exist. You might have seen ads like “Check out these mouth-watering pictures from your friend on” The motive is to force users to click those ads and indirectly spam them. This is kind of phishing habit which your website should never follow.In this fast pacing world everyone wants to divert maximum traffic towards their websites but as it is said there isn’t any shortcuts to success,Google is getting more and more concern about sorting these malpractices and can have devastating effects on your rankings and traffic. So. it’s better to pursue a legitimate course than to opt something that have some hazardous after effects.

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