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Domain name is the IP addresses which reflects your online presence & identity of your business.

In the present business world, a domain name and a web existence are essential for every business. Your IP address  is your online identity, which allows internet users to find and surf your web site at any time.

A notable & attractive name is important to create your internet occurrence. With the passage of time, as internet drive increases, businesses have recognized the importance of online presence.

This is the most significant & interesting step in the entire path of creating your online entity. Over the past few years, it may seem that nearly every good domain name has been listed. but you have to be very creative while making the domain name.

1. Your company name should be noticeable & also defines your product or service e.g. "".

2. A word or words which describe what you sell or what service you provide, such as "

3. Something which is worthless, but impressive. The shopping website is very well recognized, but in reality, the snapdeal has no meaning.

If you are looking to buy a domain name that matches the theory/ theme of your business. For example, a music store that titled "" might get visitors looking for guitars in particular. The domain name can affect the search engine ranking of the site on the search engine. Having your own domain name makes your company identity professional. Having your own domain name specifies you are the part of the economy & it acclaims that you are technically up to date.

Domain names that comprise common keywords can increase a site's ranking in search results rotated by search engines. Many big search directories will not even grade a site that does not have its own domain title. Domain names should be in such a way that the viewer can easily find it on the search engines.

On the internet, a domain is a part of every web address, including web site addresses, email addresses. To obtain a domain, you must obtain it from a domain administrator. The Internet is grounded on IP addresses, every Web server requires a Domain name system server to transform the domain name into the IP address.

The principal body for domain names is called ICANN (Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers), a non-profit establishment charged with supervision the creation and scattering of TLDs. Domain names are used in URLs to detect particular Web pages. For example URL:

The domain name is

Every domain name has a suffix that specifies which top level domain it related to. There are some such domains.

Gov - Government organizationsEdu - Educational institutionsCom - commercial businessNet - Network organizationsOrg - Organizations (nonprofit)

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