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Hohme is innovating the smart homeownership space, making home management and appliance control seamless and intuitive. For them, we crafted a dynamic dashboard, integrated smart appliance APIs using Strapi and GraphQL, and developed a responsive frontend with Next.js.

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In our project with Hohme, we tackled their need for a smarter, more intuitive web application to manage smart homes. By developing a sleek dashboard, integrating Strapi CMS with GraphQL, and enhancing user interaction with Next.js, we empowered homeowners to effortlessly control their smart appliances. Our solution streamlined operations, setting Hohme apart in the smart home industry.


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Hohme faced significant challenges in creating a user-friendly dashboard for their web application aimed at revolutionizing smart homeownership. They needed a Content Management System (CMS) that could handle dynamic content updates and integrate with third-party low-level device APIs, allowing users to control their appliances directly through the web application.


To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive system architecture, utilizing Strapi as the CMS to manage content efficiently. We integrated GraphQL for effective data handling and chose Next.js with Redux for the frontend to ensure a responsive and engaging user experience. Additionally, we facilitated the integration of third-party APIs for appliance control, leveraging, to enable straightforward management of smart home devices through the web application.


Our collaboration with Hohme led to the successful transformation of their web application into a user-friendly, innovative platform. By implementing a dynamic content management system with Strapi and integrating GraphQL, we streamlined content updates and management. The development of the frontend using Next.js, combined with Redux for state management, created a seamless and engaging user experience. Additionally, integrating third-party APIs for smart appliance control enabled homeowners to effortlessly manage their devices through the web application. The result was a cutting-edge solution that not only met Hohme’s initial requirements but also set a new standard in smart home management, making the homeownership experience simpler and more intuitive for users.

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Daniel Hartzheim

Director of Marketing

Fantastic Team. Very knowledgeable and goes the extra distance to solve problems. In addition, their seamless communication made the process very smooth. Thank you, RW Infotech. We'll continue working together.

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Anton  Tokovyi

Chief Technology Officer

Choosing RW Infotech for migrating our static site to Prismic Headless CMS was an excellent decision. Their expertise and seamless communication made the process smooth and efficient. We're thrilled with the results and highly recommend their services for anyone looking to enhance their digital presence.

Anthony DeBono

Founder and CEO

We're thrilled with the work done by the RWIT team. They transformed our vision into reality, making our web application not just user-friendly but truly innovative. Their expertise in integrating complex systems seamlessly and enhancing user interaction has set a new benchmark for us in smart home management.

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