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Selecting a social media platform has become a painful process, resulting in posting content everywhere. To help you understand what best suits your business, the blog is a guide to help you in the selection of the right social media platform.

These past few years have dealt with birth and significant changes in the usage of various social media platforms. The drastic increase in the number of people who actively use social media platforms is unimaginable. Due to this social media got into the eyes of marketing gurus and now has seeped into the marketing of many businesses concerning a vast variety of sectors like Technology, Entertainment, the Fashion industry, and even politics.

For businesses, online presence has become mandatory and all small-scale and top-notch business companies are investing huge capital in endorsing through social media marketing but in the vast ocean of social media platforms it becomes difficult for one to choose the right platform, so how to choose the platform that suits your business?


With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is unquestionably the most prevalent social media platform. It’s rich in appearance and certainly allows you to share content like photos, videos (including live), GIFs and even slideshows. If your target public ranges between 15 - 50 years, then Facebook is one of those powerful platforms to rely on.

With Facebook, it’s about long term commitment, strengthening relationships, allowing the consumer to purchase or sell the products they want. With that said, to build your business through Facebook, disbursing money is required to attract the viewership. However, their target plans start with as cheap as 3$ and you can plainly count upon it.


With its parent company being Facebook now, and more than 400 million active users, this platform is enlarging appreciably. Instagram is all about pictures and videos, hence if you are aiming at a younger public, then this platform assures you, that it reaches wider count.

 If your online marketing team wants to promote a visually appealing content, then Instagram is a very good place to start with. The drawback of this platform is that it is new and getting wide variety of viewership irrespective of age is harder. You also cannot link your website to content which you share.


If something has got attention recently all over the world that’s Twitter and you might be aware of the reason behind it. With more than 300 million active users, this social media platform is nevertheless vital. Twitter is all about “in the moment” content, where in latest updates, instant news, polls, etc. are shared. Right content speaks quite loud on Twitter. However, getting the new audience through twitter for your business might be difficult, whereas if you’re established on other platforms, then your budget on Online Business Development through twitter will be minimal.


With more than 2 billion hours of videos watched per day by more than a billion people, YouTube is one of those video platforms where you don’t want your business to miss any opportunity. Gaining through ads, generating revenue through videos and publicizing your business with the unique content, you can grab attention very easily on this platform. However, the place where YouTube lacks its importance is in engagement with consumers, because of its less overwhelming comment section.


SnapChat is a platform where larger brands promote themselves to stay relevant with consumers and continuously interact with them. The audience which it aims with its unique content like Doodles, limited time photos, direct messaging and other such cool stuff is young. SnapChat is definitely not for start-ups as conversion rates and the app installation rates are very low which might affect your ROI.


If your business is related to content for women then Pinterest is the best place to be in. With more than 80% of its user base being the female audience, you can contemplate and post images that are trendy and eye-catching. For travelers, foodies, fashion designers, this platform will appeal more and high conversion rates are possible, as the images are linked to your blog content or the website which user will navigate to once clicked.

Marketing is the soul of any business venture, it’s important for any business to have the right strategy to guide it in the path of success. Now that social media has become vital part of marketing so it’s important for you to choose the right platform to endorse your business.

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