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PHP is a very easy language to learn, and many people without any programming background learn it through the internet. PHP comes with a built-in web server that facilities, local testing & it surprises in seconds.

1. PHP files have text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code2. PHP code is executed on the server, and the result is reverted to the browser as plain HTML language3. PHP files have an extension.

Most of web developers use PHP for the creation of Dynamic Websites because of the Following five reasons.

1. Easy to Study

Compared to other web languages that need a little study, PHP does not involve one to spend a lot of time studying a handbook. Because of the syntax being logical functions, labeling precisely what they do, one can effortlessly get exact to the part of forming and enhancing the application.

2. Expertise with syntax

If you have program design skills in both Perl and C, then learning PHP will be fairly easy, as its syntax is grounded in these languages.

3. Free of Cost

Since PHP is an open source language, it’s entirely free of cost. Anyone can download PHP from the Internet easily.

4. Proficiency in Performance

PHP can turn out to be an effective web language to use. In fact, PHP is known to be accessible when script code as well as in making applications and is very trustworthy when you want to serve several web pages.

5. A supportive PHP Community

If you get jammed or are getting started when using PHP, one of the best places you can catch info about the language is apart from also procurement tips from PHP pros from many websites and forums that are available over the internet.

PHP scripts are used mainly three areas which are as follows:

Server-side scripting:

This is the old-fashioned and the main target arena for PHP. You only need to run on the web server, with a linked PHP installation. Anybody can access the PHP database output with a web browser. Anyone can view the PHP page through the server. All these can be done easily on your computer if you are testing PHP programming.

Command line scripting:

You can create a PHP script to route it without any web-server. The PHP parser to use for this purpose. This kind of usage is perfect for scripts regularly executed using Task Scheduler These scripts can be useful for simple text treating jobs.

Writing desktop applications:

PHP is possibly not the very best coding language to create a desktop application, but with the help of PHP it would like to routine some progressive PHP features in your client-side applications you can also use PHP-GTK to pen such plug-ins. You also have the skill to write cross-platform applications this way.

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