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The immensely useful WordPress CMS has improved over time to integrate into itself several new features. 2017 is also going to witness a growth in the number of people/businesses who will benefit from easy scrolling and navigation, e-commerce specials and other modern features of WordPress.

The open-source and free Content Management System WordPress powers more than a quarter of all websites that you will find on The Web (roughly 27.5%, or 60 million websites!). While initially, WordPress was more popular amongst the bloggers, it is now used for e-commerce and business purposes as well. WordPress gives you the freedom to choose from a range of themes, and add a plethora of plugins to your website. Each year it gets new updates from a worldwide community of web developers. 2022 is also going to witness new design-related developments and trends in the CMS. Below are a few of them.

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The ‘Single-Page” website design

Consumers love stories, and the online businesses serve them just that through the singe-page and simplistic websites. The new design trend provides for easy and fast scrolling and navigation and keeps the user absorbed in the content environment. The online business websites that sell a single service/product best exploit this new web page design trend. The recent trend is also being used for the larger businesses that are creating a single website for their new launches. You will find many new websites having the single page design in the year 2022. Here are some Top WordPress Design Trends In 2022:-

The “Drag and Drop” feature

The new feature provides for easy management of a WordPress website, whether it is being used for business or blogging purposes. Through the feature, the web developers get more control and enhanced flexibility, and it is also not mandatory to have extensive web development knowledge for handling website content. The feature is going to get several new inputs and upgrades in the coming years and is going to be more and more popular.

The ‘Parallax Scrolling” feature

Parallax scrolling creates an impression of in-depth or 3D viewing, as the foreground images move faster than the background images. Since its incorporation in the year 2011, the feature has been getting immensely popular towards business websites as well (blends well with the single-page web design). 2017 is going to witness more usage of the feature.

The “Video” header

Video headers grasp the attention of the users instantly and are useful for spreading any information or message in the most genuine and easy-to-understand way. They would be used in a majority of websites in 2022.

The “Adaptive” images

Worldwide users are switching to their mobile devices for their e-commerce needs. As the adaptive image scale the product dimensions according to the size of the mobile device, their use will only increase in 2022 and beyond it, until some new development takes place.

The “E-Commerce” business specific themes

Gone are days when any image worked on a business or e-commerce website! WordPress is today the favorite of the e-commerce and online stores as it offers multiple business specific themes (created in accordance with the business type, for instance, sports goods, restaurants, and others). WooCommerce and other plugins further enhance the usefulness and effectiveness of the websites.

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