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The modern and efficient PHP frameworks enable web developers to accomplish the web development projects in a breeze, while also incorporating a range of new features and plug-ins.

PHP is one of the most commonly used scripting languages towards the web development purposes. The general purpose language can also be embedded easily in HTML. Hence all HTML fields can be processed in PHP, which enhances the utility of the server-side script. PHP is also used for writing the command lien scripts and towards writing the desktop applications. PHP supports all web servers and can run on all operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac among others. The language supports all kinds of databases as well and can also communicate with other services easily.

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Because of the immense number of functions of the language (and its widespread usefulness), it is used by all leading be developers for creating state-of-the-art web applications. As the web developers need to build new web applications and website from the scratch, the PHP frameworks are much useful to them. Some of the most evident advantages of the PHP frameworks are:

  • Speedy web design and development

  • Easy to maintain and reusable codes

  • Scalable

  • Secure

  • Separate logic and presentation patterns when you follow MVC or Model-View-Controller

  • Creation of new practices and programming tools


Released in the year 2011, Laravel is one of the most popular PHP web development frameworks in web developers. Some of the advantages of Laravel include

  • Huge ecosystem

  • ORM

  • Encryptions for security payment integration

  • Instant web hosting and deployment

  • Availability of screencast tutorial

Laravel promotes and facilitates the tasks that your frequently required to do through its elegant syntax and is efficient for the task like sessions, authentication, queuing, Restful routing and others. The framework ahs Homestead, a local web development environment, and templating engine by the name Blade.


Written in the languages including C and C++ and released in the year 2012, Phalcon is popular because of its high-level performance. But you are not required to learn the C languages, as its ready to use for all kinds of web applications.

  • Advanced and useful features like security, asset management, auto loader, caching ad translation among others. Its other benefits are:

  • Friendly for the developers

  • Low overheads

  • Very fast

  • Heavy documentation

Code Igniter

The PHP framework is very light in weight and was released back in the year 2006. Its benefits and advantages include:

  • Easy and simple installation process

  • No version conflict, as the framework works nice and smooth of all kinds of hosting and shared platforms

  • Choose you to own naming and coding conventions

  • Provision of accommodation of many kinds of third party software plugins


Symfony has been used successfully for a number of popular projects including PHP BB forums and Drupal. The unique advantages of the PHP framework include:

  • A humongous developer community

  • Reusable libraries

  • Can be used for multiple tasks including object configuration, form creation, authentication, routing, templating and others

  • The dependency manager provides for installation of all kinds of useful components

Yii 2

Yii 2 is one of the fastest PHP frameworks as it exploits the lazy-loading method. Its benefits are:

  • Object oriented (uses DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself coding system, and hence gives a logical and clean code base

  • Has the AJAX features and has a simple theming and skinning application. Best choice for those who are from the frontend background

  • Gii (the code generator) provides for fast and efficient prototyping and programming

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