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After being part of an amazing StoryBlok Partner program, we, RW Infotech, set another outstanding milestone - Collaboration with Sanity.

We, RW Infotech, are a remote IT agency, based in Mohali, India. In addition, we also run operations from the other 3 countries. Till the time of publication of this journal, we have completed multiple Sanity web development projects.

It’s completely true that for many of our readers the term “Sanity” is new.

Don’t worry! We introduce you to the Sanity.

So, without further ado, let’s get started and understand what sanity is.

What is Sanity?

Sanity - The composable content cloud platform where you can transform content into a competitive advantage. 

Undoubtedly, Sanity treats content as data—actionable and can scale your online business globally. This amazing CMS contribution took headless website development to the next level.

Why Sanity?

Sanity has a great ability to deliver content anywhere similar to a headless CMS. Sanity Studio allows content creators with tailored editing interfaces that match the unique ways content drives their online e-commerce business. In addition,

  • It offers you total composability.

  • A fully decoupled, real-time content back end.

  • Entirely customizable content workspaces.

sanity web development

What Makes Sanity Amazing?

Now, you might have an idea of what Sanity is and why we chose it. So, let’s take a step further and check out some winning Sanity features. 

  • Studio - Sanity Studio provides a fully customizable content workspace that mirrors your business and unleashes velocity and headless website development creativity.

  • APIs - It has powerful and intuitive interfaces that are the fabric of your composable content architecture.

  • Content Lake - Say goodbye to no-ops storage. Sanity offers a no-ops storage and distribution layer that syncs content and data for use by your teams across the organization.

Now that you and Sanity know each other, let us tell you more about ourselves.

About RW Infotech

We, RW Infotech, are not just a remote IT agency, we are a family of talented web developers who believe in solely delivering high-quality web applications.

Over the past 10 years, we have delivered 100+ successful projects in different technologies and platforms. We value deep relationships. That’s why we are partnered with industry-leading technology providers.

RW Infotech is instrumental in the creation of dynamic headless CMS websites that fit for purpose. We are passionate about helping businesses reach their goals. For RWIT, every project is not a job, but it’s our passion to offer personalized web solutions. 

Let’s work together to make tailored software and headless apps that fit your business perfectly. 

Feel free to contact us anytime!