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The time you dive deep into the ocean of digital marketing, you come to know that there is plenty of fish (CMS options) you can choose according to your needs. Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Liferay, and WordPress are just the tip of the iceberg.

Many content management systems offer cloud-based capabilities, while some CMS provides multilingual options for free. On the other hand, some amazing content management systems make it easy to introduce an online eCommerce store.

Undoubtedly, it can be not easy to figure out which one fits best for the business.

Why is there no one-size-fits-all content management system in the digital market? Well, every business has its own needs and asks for different CMS functionalities.

But now the table has turned. Prismic Headless CMS has started taking the lead over other CMSs.
Prismic is a cloud-based, lightning-fast, and user-friendly headless CMS. We will take you on a ride of how Prismic has become a favorite of many web developers and business runners.

But first, let us shed some light on what a headless CMS is.

So, let’s get started!

Headless…Headless…Headless… Hey, What is a Headless CMS?

If you are planning to create a new website or update an existing website, you must go with the Prismic Headless CMS.

It has taken web development to new heights.

We won’t chew long fats, let’s begin the concept of a Headless CMS and its perks over other standard content management systems.

In a headless CMS, the website’s content management system is independent of its user interface. The term for the separation of the content management system from its front end is “headless CMS.” On the same concept, Headless Development works.

As a result, websites load incredibly faster. It becomes possible because of a content delivery network (CDN) that delivers the data. Previously, users had to wait for the server to pull the data which might be present in some corner of the world.

But now the websites that run on a CDN are loaded with hundreds of file-storage systems globally. So, when a user hits a request for data, the closest server responds to it. As a result, it shortens the loading time.

Now, let us move a step further to understand the perks of Prismic CMS over other content management systems.

3 Top Reasons for Choosing Prismic Headless CMS

Reason #1: The SliceMachine

Prismic's new featured SliceMachine has made the website build and launch a piece of cake. Now web developers can quickly build highly customized page sections, make changes, and publish them with ease.

The most interesting feature of Prismic is that it has a visual interface. It has turned the most technically challenged page build into a quick and easy page build.

Reason #2: Lightning-fast website speed

As we have discussed earlier, Prismic disconnects the CMS from your site’s user interface. Thus your website will load at an optimal speed. A content delivery network (CDN) has a great ability to deliver server-side data to your website.

In addition, CDN is a virtual network. So, your visitors will have no direct connection with the main server. Lower loading speed and no or minimal latency rate are two of the keys to successful Google indexing and search engine optimization. Moreover, there are about no chances of downtime or crashes.

Reason #3: English, French, Spanish, and so on. Now add any language

Websites should be multilingual if you want to expand your online business around the globe. Many traditional CMS offers multilingual but you might have to pay for it. But now not anymore. In Prismic, you can add new languages to your website without burning your pocket.

In short, Prismic is a flexible, user-friendly, and lightweight CMS that has a great capability to manage content. So, say goodbye to tons of technical hassle and headaches.