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Mobile applications help you to keep your business in sync with the current trend and to boost consumers' trust in your brand as their feedback and queries are acknowledged easily.

Nowadays businessmen are becoming smarter and are finding clever ways to keep their business on the top. Assume that you already have a successful running business which is just offline but in case you want to make yourself visible to a wide variety of audiences, online presence is one of those important keys which can unlock success for you.

According to current statistics*, all over the globe, there are more than 3 billion people connected to the Internet out of which 80% people are accessing it through mobile phones and on average each user stays online 1.8 hours every day.

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These statistics are proven facts that mobile or smartphone technology has changed drastically. Particularly in e-commerce business where customers look for options, value for their money and trust behind any brand they purchase, mobile applications play a significant role in achieving it. All the successful business has adapted to changes quickly and acknowledges their customer’s feedback. Gone are the days where businesses used to call their customers and ask suggestions from them, as now it is all being built-in one such hardcore applications which are properly maintained and updated frequently based on customer’s needs.

Below are some reasons why you should consider having a mobile application for your business.

  • E-commerce business is all about minimizing efforts, maximizing profits

Consider that you have your business available online but its presence is not so relevant because of poor SEO due to which it isn't attracting many customers as expected. Even if it has a very good SEO, it takes two to three steps for them to reach your business. Wouldn’t that be amazing, if your business has a mobile application and just by single click they can access all of your products (or services) you’re providing them? This allows you to reduce your consumer efforts and maximize your chances to sell products.

  • Mobile Applications proves how you take consumers feedback seriously

Now that you have mastered your website by making it appear top in the search results, but your consumers are asking for a mobile application which they can access anywhere they want. In such cases, the mobile application gives you an advantage over competitors and acts as a trust factor between you and your consumers.

  • Mobile applications helps you to reach your consumers directly

Applications in smartphones allow you to send notifications directly to your consumers take their feedback continuously, pitch in to flash sales or any marketing ideas you have thought about. This would have been difficult to reach out to your consumers via a website, where you can only reach them only when they visit.

  • Smartphones are used right from the moment we wake up.

Around 50% of the smartphone consumers surf through their mobile before going to bed and after waking up from bed immediately. There is a great opportunity for business to pitch in rightful products at the rightful time, by utilizing the special internet marketing tools like SEO, Email marketing, social marketing and others which we discussed in our previous article.

Mobile technology has imminent power

Mobiles usage has become abundantly high and is becoming more and more powerful. As they become more powerful, the cost of making them has decreased and is becoming affordable. Don’t you want your business to be handed over to those powerful hands to become more dominant in a rapidly increasing market?

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