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It’s a hard nut to crack for business owners to reach their audience’s smartphones. This blog is an eye-opener for business runners to understand how they can reach their audience. In short, the solution is - React Native.

You might be wondering how React Native can play a major role in this.

Let us understand it.

React Native has gained amazing popularity in the mobile app development industry. It has a great fanbase and will remain the same in the long run. The primary reason is it can be used to build the app for both mobile platforms i.e. Android and iOS. 

Why Business Owners Should Prefer React Native?

React Native is the best example of cross-platform development and maybe the future of apps. Let us look at some important statistics about why React Native for mobile apps in 2024.

  • Top-notch companies prefer React Native

30,000+ companies are using React Native in the Information Technology and Services industry around the globe. 

  • The majority of countries have shifted to React Native for their mobile applications

49% of React Native clients exist in the USA. In addition, in India, the UK, and Canada the percentages are 9%, 7%, and 5% respectively.

  • An open-source UI software framework

React is an open-source mobile application development framework developed by Meta in 2015. Its smooth and responsive user interface enhances the app's loading time. 

  • React Native Market Share

React Native is the 2nd most recommended cross-platform mobile app development. It holds over 13% market share. React Native is still the first choice even in 2024. In addition, 14.85 percent of applications installed among the top 500 in the US were created with React Native.

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Why Choose React Native for Mobile Apps?

React Native is the best example of cross-platform for mobile app development. In addition, it is perfect for mobile app development from the point of view of cross-platform compatibility to stable, scalable, and high-performing apps.

1. Alike other apps

React Native allows business owners to have mobile applications similar to apps written in Java or Objective-C. React works on JavaScript to create UI components and use the same components for both iOS and Android.

2. Reusability

As we discussed earlier, React Native allows the sharing of application logic across 2 platforms. As a result,  developers can reuse around 60-70 of the codebase.

3. Open the doors for web support

The open-source framework has extended its support for the web with the React native web library. it is a powerful library that enables developers to build mobile applications using React Native components and extend their functionality to the web.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the major benefits of using React Native for mobile app development is that its budget-friendly. As a business runner, you might not want to invest much in the app setup.

5. Best Backend Services

The backend services work as a platform that simplifies the overall application development process from the backend. The top three best backend services below include AWS Amplify, Firebase, etc.