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The sole purpose of having a website is to turn up maximum and potential clients from all around the globe towards your product and business. You have endorsed and marketed your website and products efficiently, traffic is turning up to your website enormously but is that it? The answer is "No" marketing and seeking people's attention towards your website is one of the many major steps that you need to take in course of turning the potential audience into long-term clients.The burden drifts on the designers and front-end developers to make the website eye-pleasing and user-friendly so that the audience won't leave it. “User-friendly”, is a term that can never be overstated or overstressed in the business world of website design. The ultimate goal when designing a website is that your website can be as ‘fancy’ as you like but it should be easy to use as well. If the website would result in something like a difficult maze, the user will lose interest and will leave the website.Usability, or User Experience, is the art of making your website simple, user-friendly and easy to use. Understanding your customer’s online behavior gives you insight into what works and what doesn't. The thumb rule of the user experience is to make the user experience effortless.

Why is User Experience or Usability is important?

The users seek to find the product without much effort. If the website is designed such that it makes difficult to reach to the desired product or the website is difficult to navigate across and produces such content that is difficult to comprehend or incorporates such functionalities that are difficult to get hold of, the objective and the initial step of design that is to make the design effortless and easy won't be achieved and the user will lose interest and would leave your website.Usability combined with the visual appearance of the website creates the user experience i.e. UX.

How to enhance User Experience?

There are many intricate steps, features, and characteristics that affect user experience and their interest in your website and hence the product. Below are a few steps to enhance user experience:


The first and the foremost step is proper planning and thorough testing. Most established companies have a step in their project flow specifically designed to detect and eliminate potential usability issues. This step is called wireframing or prototyping. A wireframe is essentially a schematic or a blueprint of the website’s content. It typically has no design elements or color; rather it focuses on substance. The exclusive focus is on content, structure, flow, and functionality without other visuals to distract the eye. A wireframe is very important before proceeding with the design of the website as it would provide an overview of the look of the website and the chances of having issues can be sorted significantly.

Colors Consideration

Colors plays important role in the design of the website and they must be chosen according to the crowd that you are targeting. If you are targeting male audience the colors like blue and orange can go, if you are targeting girls colors like pink and purple can be used, elderly usually like pale colors and children like vibrant colors. The choice of color differs according to the users and the products to which the website is dedicated to. So the key for a better user experience is getting to know your users.

Mobile friendly

In this gadget first era, the website should be adaptable on all the major devices and since internet is vastly accessed using smartphones and so it's mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website. The website must look as good as it looks on the desktop and should provide the same experience to the users which means the website must be responsive according to the devices.

Well Formatted content

It's often said that content is the king and it actually seems true in the present scenario. An average user just skims through the content instead of reading in depth. So it must be made sure that the content that you are providing on your website should have a catchy heading, it must also have sub-headings, paragraphs, bullets or lists help to break up text, making it easy for readers to scan.

Speed optimized

You should make sure that your website loads swiftly. An average user waits for 3 to 7 second and leaves the website and hence you lose your potential client too. Google also considers websites to rank high in its search engine that can load swiftly.


Usable Forms

Forms are a very important element on business websites. They allow users to interact with the website. Forms are also very useful for generating leads for a business. To get the most out of your site, it is important to ensure the forms are easy to use and accessible to everyone and eventually lead to a well-designed thank you page.


Provide experience that can help your users

Your website must be user centralized and should follow customer first protocol. If the user feedbacks would be taken into consideration and the website enhancement would be done to resolve their pain and problem then they would visit your website again and again. For example, there were many social media platforms that were introduced before Facebook and many new platforms are being introduced every other day but what makes Facebook lead the race is its user-friendly and effortless usage. Same goes with Google.

The soul of any website is it's presentation to the users and how users respond to its layout and design. If a website is effortless to use the users will get back to it again and again and hence potential clients can easily be generated. You can go all fancy with the design but make sure that the website isn't a maze which is making the users to lose themselves, try to keep the design simple and user-friendly. Use the principle of simplicity and effortlessness(from user's end) in the design of your website to ensure that every feature is carefully implemented to help your customers more than your competition does.

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