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For an extraordinary business, an appealing website is very much necessary. By having the above points maintained on the web page, your chance of business conversion increase substantially.

Whenever you walk down a street, you come across many stores on your way. What attracts you the most is the basic appearance and how well the store is managed to keep things simple and handy, The same concept follows for a website as well. Whenever a customer has any need, they visit websites, and spend some time on it, if they catch his attention, then checkout by purchasing the product (or service).

There is no doubt about the fact that there are imminent web designers present in India, who are putting great effort in making their web designs remarkable.

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You might have come across web pages which are sluggish or clumsy or looks and it is very important to make sure your business website doesn’t fall into such category. So to make your business and website a success, below are some ways that might help you in creating an alluring landing page and web pages which instantly hooks up to your consumer’s sight.

EYE-CATCHING HEADLINE: A foremost object which consumer looks upon in a page is the headline and hence it’s mandatory to have an eye-catching or self-explanatory headline. It is beneficial if the headline is restricted for a single line. An explanation or a tagline, with a sub-heading of 1 or 2 lines will also be good.

IMAGE OR VIDEO: As apparels wore on dummy models placed in an apparel store attracts consumers, images or video which explains about your business should be placed in your web page wherever necessary. This helps consumers to get an idea of what your product (or service) is about and increase your conversion rates.

INTERESTS: In the rat race of businesses, you want to stand out and the best way to achieve that is by listing down benefits through bullet-in points to make them understand why they should choose you. A typical internet surfer doesn’t spend much time on a website, it is obligatory to pitch in your business within that time frame.

ACTION BUTTONS: Next step to make a luring page is to have some action buttons which you want the consumer to click which performs some action. This button should be well placed and should stand out from the overall design of the page. An experienced Web designer knows exactly where and when to pop up this button.

PAGE FOLDS: Consumers are of different kinds, different in age, the device they use and such factors. To make sure your web page is appealing to all of them, important points about your business shouldn’t end up falling at page folds, rather should be on top of it.

BREADCRUMBS: Obviously, breadcrumbs or links for navigation on top of your web page helps many customers in navigation, but it is also equally significant that there aren’t so many links which can put your consumers in a tepid state.

DESCRIPTION: A simple, clear and concise description of your product can help your consumer gain knowledge on what this product offers and helps to choose when there are multiple products in the same category. Images of those products if available can make a webpage more striking.

TESTIMONIALS: Briefing about how other consumers have benefited from your product can increase confidence in your consumers to believe and trust your brand. While putting up testimonials, describe individual or company who appreciated your work. Put best at first and doesn’t let it go more than 5.

TRUST TOKENS: Continuation to above, if there are some trust certifications or verification's your business has achieved, then displaying it creates a direct impression about your genuineness and improves trust. However, make sure not to fake them.

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