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As we are a web design agency we have heard this question many times about how much does your website costs in Australia in 2022 ? As we are moving more toward technology it has become a very important factor to have a user-friendly and responsive website for any business to rank and reach to the relevant user so as to get high traffic. Competition to have the best website increased a lot and in this situation if any business person thinks to design their site from someone who can charge you less sounds not relevant. But still we would say that answering this question to someone is really difficult.

Here we have mentioned some important aspect that why we found it hard to answer this question:

First thing is that the price totally depends on the company. Different companies charge differently depending on their services and customization.

There is no doubt that Australian Agencies charge differently as compared to other companies, especially overseas service providers. 

Price also depends on how many pages of a website you want from the agency to build for you.

Price can also vary on the basis of the level of functionality and design your website requires. 

We believe that spending money on something that has high ROI, and provides other benefits is worthy. See if you are looking for a website developer who is able to design your website which is robust, unique, better functionality, fully responsive and completely optimized than undoubtedly you have to invest more money on your website. It looks easy to get a developer that can design your website at a cheap price but on the same hand the quality you get is also cheap, and one more thing is that there are lots of drawbacks of having a cheap website design. And just because of these reasons we prefer you to choose a highly expertise and professional web design agency. In fact many business owners endorsed to choose the trustworthy web design company to design or rebuild their websites.

Below we have highlighted few bulletin point that helps you to clear your doubts and vision regarding the question that how much does your website cost in Australia in 2022:

 1. Understanding The Type Of Website Your Business Need

The design of your website also depends on the size of your business whether it's a small, conversion centric,  featured site or a normal e-commerce site. These categories are not standard but just for giving you an idea we have categorized in some types.  If your business falls under the small business category you just require a site which provides your visitors a brief about your business, product and services. If it's conversion centric then you need to plan and make strategies to design a website which increase the reach of your website to the audience, these types of sites are completely user friendly and service focused. Feature rich sites are those which are customized as per your requirement and have specific features. And the last category is a normal ecommerce site, this kind of website is for those businesses where you just want to sell your services and products online and to get money on your website.

2. Planning Strategies To Design Your Website

Planning strategies before designing your website is the first and most important step. It’s like a roadmap  which helps a developer to design an outstanding website as per your requirement. Planning a website contains parameters such as how many pages a website has, design of a website, domain name, functionality, and how much budget you are willing to spend for your website development. After taking all the aspects a developer plans a task accordingly.

3. Site Design And Development

If you want your website to be SEO (Search Engine Optimized) then it is necessary for you to decide the structure and architecture of your website. Actually, Google needs to understand what your website is all about so that the majority of the audience can find you easily in search engines. To get better results and optimized websites your project manager needs to do proper competitor research to get an idea about how they rank and structure their website. A good template website can be user-friendly, engaging and responsive and all these features are important for ranking and it has been seen that these types of websites have more lead generation and conversion rate.

4. Content Writing

We know that content is the king of any website, without content you are unable to convey your users or costumes about your product and services. And another most important thing is that your content should be non plagiarized and SEO optimized so that it can rank on search engines. That is why you need to occupy your website with the content which provides information to your visitors about your business and how these services and products can solve their problems. For this you need a professional writer who knows how to create unique, optimized and user centric content so that your website traffic will increase

5. Testing

To avoid any bugs and errors on the pages of your website developers need to do the testing of the website rigorously. Testing is necessary to ensure better user experience for your website visitors and help in avoiding the risk of bounce and dropping relevant customers.

6. Hosting & Maintenance

As we require home to live, websites need hosting or a place to live so that the audience can easily  connect to it. Depending on your website space and storage requirement few website hosting providers charge at least 60 dollars monthly. If you are using split/shared hosting it generally means that your site is disputing for space and resources with other websites and if your website has an enormous incursion of site visitors, it may lead to breakdown.

7. Cost Of The Complete Website Development 

Here is the price list that you have to pay to a company for designing your website: 

Type of WebsiteApprox. PricePurpose Basic websiteMay costs you around $4000For Small BusinessConversion-centric websiteCosts you around $4,000 to $6,000For Lead GenerationCustomized feature-rich websiteCosts you more than $15000Focused on FeaturesEcommerce websiteMay cost you $5000 to $15,000For Selling Product and Services Online

These costs may vary according to the company reputation and as per their services quality level, these are just an estimate just to give you an approximate idea that How much does your website cost in Australia in 2022?


Every business already knows that their business website is one of the biggest assets for increasing organic traffic and lead via online networks. It’s ok to spend money on advertisements, if you want to reach a large audience in a short period of time but always remember one thing its impact is only for a short duration. And if you want a relevant audience for the long term, undoubtedly getting an audience via organic traffic is the only way. Mark my word, spending the money on creating a website for your business is not a waste of money, it's an investment that provides profit to your business as it ranks once in a search engine. You automatically see the exponential growth in your lead generation, revenue and purchase rate curve. So, having a website which is properly created by professionals and skilled designers definitely gives you hilarious results. 

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