Guide to pick from best E-commerce platforms for your business

For any online business, choosing best e-Commerce platforms makes your business grow substantially. Selecting the best platform is a tedious process but below details can serve your need better.

Setting up an online e-commerce platform requires some additional effort and many a times thorough technical knowledge. Before any online business development, you definitely want to consider how and what products you want to sell on your website. There is a wide genre and variety of e-commerce platforms but there are a few that are significantly used in building commercial sites. Let’s dig in more to know what qualities do they have that makes them so popular.

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    Shopify is one of the largest platforms used by small and large scaled businesses for e-commerce development. With more than 400,000 businesses using Shopify to power their small and large scale businesses.


  • Its intuitive options allow you to setup your platform easily and their “Liquid” tool helps to customize code itself.
  • It provides more than 50 design templates.
  • Shopify is SEO ready which is included in all their plans.
  • 24/7 email, phone and chat support provided who knows in and out of Shopify is what they are best known for.
  • Affordable pricing and allowance of more than 70 different payment options.
  • Security, fraudulent risks are handled by Shopify.
  • Social plugins to sell your products on Facebook, Instagram and other channels.


  • Limited design templates to choose from compared to competitors.
  • Payment related things are handled at separate Shopify subdomain.
  • It limits businesses from consumer data.


    It is a free plugin available on WordPress market that can be installed on any WordPress site. Since it is open source, it allows you to modify every inch of your site. With more than 28 million downloads, the Woo commerce platform is growing strong.


  • WooCommerce also has simple controls that allow you to make changes as necessary.
  • It is user-friendly and mobile ready.
  • Since WooCommerce is combined with the largest content management system (WordPress), it is definitely SEO ready allowing sitemaps, tags and others to be modified.
  • It provides thousands of design templates as similar to WordPress.
  • If you are already owning a WordPress website, then by adding this plugin alone can save a lot of costs.
  • Payment options are easily available and can be added up using plugins.
  • Allows you to sell via social channels like Facebook.
  • You have complete control over consumer data.


  • Since it is a plugin, support is limited to WordPress related issues. However, the solutions for simple problems will be available at support/developer forums.
  • For any deeper issues like security, fraudulence, WooCommerce wouldn’t be responsible and should be handled by you.
  • Hosting, SSL certification and file storage options will be available as provided by your web host.


If you are looking for something between the above two then Magento is your solution. Magento is the most flexible eCommerce platform. Magento provides seamless integration with PayPal and other payment gateways through additional plugins. Serving a professional outlook and more than 51 million consumer base, Magento is robust yet simple.


  • Available in two editions. Free (Community Edition) and paid (Enterprise Edition) serving their own purposes.
  • Completely open source allowing you to modify as you wish.
  • Thousands of elegant design themes to choose from. Free as well as paid are available.
  • Most powerful SEO ready platform than the competition.


  • It is not so user-friendly. So if you are opting to Magento, you should know some technical knowledge or own a good developer having that.
  • For free version again, the issues related to security should be handled by consumer itself.

All the above platforms provide unlimited product pages, unique home page, and different catalogues for products. Apart from these, there are many other eCommerce platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, Volusion, Lemonstand, Bigcommerce. They have their own advantages and drawbacks. However, dwelling upon your business needs can help you better choose an eCommerce platform that best satisfies them.

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